Forum Question: Problem Forwarding Emails In Mail On Lion OSX

Until I downloaded Lion OSX I previously forwarded mail to groups of contacts by simply clicking once in the “To” field and my address book would automatically open and I could highlight the names required and drag them into the to field. Now nothing happens when I click in the “To” field and if I try to drag a group of highlighted names from the new address book it doesn’t work. Please help

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    7/28/11 @ 7:39 am

    Try this:
    While composing a message, choose Window, Address Panel.
    This opens up a list of people in your Address Book.
    Now you can select multiple names, and drag and drop them into the To field from there.

      7/29/11 @ 4:16 am

      The above answer was not really what i was looking or hoping for. In Gary’s Video expelling how to change mail font size, he also showed you can zoom in on a mail window by means of format, style, bigger or smaller option. this allows you to zoom into that window. what i would like to do is once i have the right zoom level i want, i want to make this default for all of my mail. i zoomed in on one email to read it better, i then went to a different email to read that one, i then return to my first email which i zoomed in on, it had remembered my zoom level. this is what i wan to happen to all my mail as default. is this possible??

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