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I’m trying to read an old CD containing just .jpgs that was created on a (now)-ancient PC running Win98, I think. CD drive just spins and spins. Have to manually power-off MacBook Pro/Lion, then hold touchpad while re-powering just to eject disc. The system just never “sees” the CD. I’ve tried 2 CDs with identical content, so – no, I didn’t let the dog chew it. Anybody had a similar problem?

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    9/7/11 @ 8:12 pm

    It could be that those CDs are just old and have deteriorated.
    Any CD more than 10 years old is very possibly just in a state of deterioration.
    I guess it is possible that they are in some odd format, but more likely that they are FAT32, which your Mac should be able to read now.
    Another possibility is that your optical drive isn’t working properly. I’d try those CDs in another computer when you get a chance.

    9/8/11 @ 9:02 pm

    just burned 3+GB-worth of data to a DVD – no problem with the drive.
    I’m 99.9% positive they are in FAT32.
    Already tried in daughter’s MAC – same result – glad I kept my least-old WinPCs which I will try – when they’re not 100 miles away.
    I’m pretty sure the CDs are not in a state of deterioration – unless random neutrons have been bombarding them.
    Thanks for your answer Gary.

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