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Problem With iTunes Side Bar

I opened iTunes and no longer have a side bar (on the far left hand side). When I open iTunes it opens in Library but does not show my hard drive or folders. I have searched all over (at least 4 times!) and cannot find anything that will take me to the side bar showing my hard drive and folders s well as iTunes. I must be brain dead as I do not recall how to get it back.

I am on a new iMac, running macOS Sierra, V10.12.4 and I have iTunes V12.6.1.25.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    6 years ago

    First, as you have guessed, the sidebar only shows in certain modes in iTunes. Music, Library is one. Other "Library" views also show it. But some modes like Apple Music "For You" or "Browse" will not, the iTunes Store will not, etc.
    Once you are sure you are in one of these modes, then the next thing to check is the View menu in the menu bar. Look for Show Sidebar there.
    Note that the iTunes sidebar doesn't show your hard drive or Finder folders. That's the Finder sidebar. In iTunes, if you are in Music/Library then you should see things like Recently Added, Artists, Albums, Songs, Genres, and then a list of Playlists.

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