Forum Question: Problem with OS X Dictionary Medical Plugin

About two days ago I downloaded a Medical Dictionary that integrates with I installed this Medical Dictionary by copying it to Macintosh HD/Library/Dictionaries. I immediately tested this Dictionary plugin and it worked just fine. However, I’ve just now tried to search for a word and now it doesn’t find anything anymore. I have no idea what’s wrong. Do you have any ideas as to what’s the cause?

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    2/12/11 @ 12:09 pm

    The first thing I would do is to see if the company that makes the product has any support.
    Besides that, you can try re-installing it.

      2/12/11 @ 12:18 pm

      It’s a free Medical Dictionary that I found through a YouTube video. I’ve reinstalled it many times, but all to no avail. I’ve also deleted the dictionary’s plist…

      What’s weird is that this problem doesn’t occur on my father’s iMac.

        2/12/11 @ 12:28 pm

        Perhaps you and your father have different versions of OS X? That would mean different versions of Dictionary. And the file you downloaded may not be fully compatible with yours.

    2/12/11 @ 1:45 pm

    Nope, that isn’t the issue. My father’s iMac has 10.6.6 and my MacBook Pro has 10.6.6. It’s odd that it worked before but doesn’t work now.

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