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Problems with a Voice memo

I recorded a Voice Memo (I am not eure if this is the right English Term)with my iPhone 3G some days ago. Now I try to use it but it seems As there would nö actions Be possible. It is shown with its length in the Memo Overview, but I cm neither Listen to it, shorten it, nor send it. It also seems to Be impossible to copy it to iTunes. Do you have any idea what might Be the reason and how it coule Be solved?
Timo Päßler

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    10 years ago

    Sounds like something is wrong with that particular memo. Did you try to record another one and see if the same thing happens?

    10 years ago

    I recorded some more memos. those work as they should. is there any chance “doenload” them with another program than iTunes?

      10 years ago

      I don’t think any other app has access to them. There are plenty of good third-party apps if you want to get away from the default one. Evernote is a good one that stores the memos in the cloud, so you can get to them easily. There are probably dozens of others. But that doesn’t help you if you need to get at this one particular one.

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