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I just got a new MacBook Pro. My last Macbook was swapped out from Apple because it was having some issues. I did a time machine backup of the old laptop and did a full restore on the new one.
I’m worried that there are some issues with the restore. For example, the computer often locks up when I try to run parallels. It also locks up when I try to run other memory intensive programs.
Is there another way (better way) to do a fresh/clean install of OSX and then do a restore of just applications and documents? I’m worried that some of the system stuff might be corrupted. Or perhaps, I’m just out to lunch. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

James Jamir

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    1/27/11 @ 7:42 am

    Yes, you can do a re-install of the OS and applications. Even now, just re-install the OS and see if that helps. Then re-install any applications that are causing trouble to see if that helps.

    Scott Wilson
    2/2/11 @ 4:54 pm

    I’m in a similar boat. Got a new Mac Pro, migrated apps and data from an iMac. I’ve developed progressive problems with OS X on the Mac Pro. I’m forced to do hard reboots (bad I know) as force quit won’t allow the hung OS X programs to terminate, and I can’t restart or shut down the machine through the OS. Apple tech support has provided some help, but the fixes are temporary (usually a day or two) and I’m back in the soup.

    I’m think that I need to reinstall the OS, but have several questions. (1) Does it make sense to erase the HD as part of the reinstall? (2) Is there a detailed guide to the reinstall process? I ask, because I’d love to not have to start from total scratch, like having to reset up my printer, time capsules, networks and passwords, some apps like Office, etc. I use Mobile Me for mail, contacts, address book, etc, so that’s not part of my concern, and I do have current Time Machine backups available of everything. I’m concerned that halfway through the reinstall process I might make some choices that would lead to a total clean install being required, and I’d like to limit my initial efforts to starting clean with just OS X, and possibly restoring the rest from Time Machine.

    Thanks for any help in advance – Scott

      2/2/11 @ 5:01 pm

      (1) Only erase the HD as a last resort. Why jump right to that if you haven’t tried a simple OS X reinstall first?
      (2) You don’t really need a guide. The install disk walks you through it.

        Scott Wilson
        2/3/11 @ 9:34 am

        Gary, thanks for the help. Was considering an erase only because I wasn’t sure if just reinstalling OS might leave traces of the problem behind. I’ll be reinstalling today, system hung again over night. Regards, Scott

          Scott Wilson
          2/3/11 @ 10:02 am

          Gary, forget to specifically ask two more things. (1) If I just reinstall OS X and nothing else will my settings in Airport Utility for my Time Capsule and Airport Extreme be unaffected, or will I need to restore from my Time Capsule after reinstall and (2) one of your podcasts described the restoration process as dragging an application from the Time Machine backup to the finder application window – can you also select the application in TM and click restore on the bar at the bottom of TM? Regards, Scott

            2/3/11 @ 10:10 am

            I can’t be 100% sure on any of it without trying it myself. But your settings for your TC shouldn’t be affects by your OS reinstall.
            Yes, you can use the Restore button, certainly. I would never bother to restore an Application from Time Machine unless I had no other choice. If I was having trouble with an Application, I would re-install it from the install disk or disk image installer for the best results.

              Scott Wilson
              2/3/11 @ 10:22 am

              Great, thanks again. I was contemplating an app restore instead of install from disc as I was concerned the discs had a limited number of installs available (like Microsoft Office) and I might not be able to reinstall from disc if I had maxed out installs previously. Regards, Scott

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