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Procedure To Use Another Family Member iPhone Upgrade Via AT&T

I have iPhone 4, but not eligible for upgrade price, but another family is, and she has a dumb-phone. So buy iPhone 4S using her phone number, pick data plan, etc. at Apple Store. I believe at that point her dumb-phone will then NOT work as her SIM is de-activated. Bring iPhone 4S home, now what do I do?
Is it as easy as switching SIM cards, and then calling AT&T to cancel data plan on her phone number? Switching SIM cards: Take my iPhone 4 micro SIM and put in iPhone 4S, I would then take the iPhone 4S micro SIM and put in her dumb-phone but dumb-phone takes only takes regular size SIM.
Also, do I simply hook up the 4S to iTunes and select RESTORE from iPhone 4 Backup? Is that the best way, is there such thing as a “clean install” on iPhone?

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    10 years ago

    The flaw in your plan is that by canceling the data plan on her account you will invalidate the contract that got you the discount in the first place. If you get the lower price, you are doing so because you agree to have an iPhone plan on that number for 2 years. Dumping the data plan will cause trouble.
    So I don’t think that will work.
    No need to deal with things like a “clean install.” It will walk you through it when you get the new phone and sync it for the first time. You’ll see.

    9 years ago

    I have an LG neon 2 and my mom has a blackberry torch but she is eligible for an iphone 4s. can i use that upgrade and my moms phone number stay the same?

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