Forum Question: produce MPEG4 movies with titles and theme

Gary do you know any software for the mac that can produce MPEG4 movies with titles and theme. I want to burn on DVD for viewing. idVD don’t cut it for me, not good quality. I have HD TV’s. iDVD only does MPEG 2 format.

— Richard

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    6/8/10 @ 4:14 pm

    That would be iMovie. You use iMovie to make videos. iDVD just burns them to DVDs (with menus, etc).
    BTW, it doesn’t matter if you have HD TVs. The DVD format is not HD. DVDs and DVD players are not DVD. That’s why they have Blu-Ray discs. Those are HD. But you can’t make them on your Mac without pro-level software and special hardware. You can build 720p HD movies in iMovie, and then watch them on your Mac, or an Apple TV, or something else that feeds them into your HD TV that works with HD video. But not DVDs.

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