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Program to benchmark a Mac performance

Is there a program for a Mac that can measure the performance of hard drive’s, memory, video cards etc? There are many for windows, can’t find one for a mac.
Barry Dowell

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    10 years ago

    I’ve used Tech Tool Pro in the past. Not sure how the current version is, or how it measures up to what you are looking for. Maybe some others can suggest something?

    Rob Flaherty
    10 years ago

    I guess it’s not really benchmarking- but I keep a set of Menu meters in my menu. CPU, Ram and Network in/out. Lets me know when the one time I use Firefox and it runs an add-on process- to go to the activity monitor for an investigation. When I was using VM Ware, it helped keep an eye on the Ram.

    Greg Howland
    10 years ago

    I use iStat to watch what’s going on with my computer.

    10 years ago


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