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Properly Formatted Fractions

when I type a fraction in mail or text edit such as 1/2″, it automatically converts it into a properly formatted fraction number. It’s a great feature, but in Pages it doesn’t do it. I don’t even know how it does it in mail or text edit. I never changed any settings. It must have been included in one of the updates. Oh yes, I use 10.7.5

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    9 years ago

    So the reason that it does that in TextEdit and other Mac apps is the Text Substitution feature in OS X. You can find that by going to System Preferences, Language & Text, Text. You'll see the list of substitutions there and be able to turn them on and off, and add new ones.
    But these only work in apps that let OS X handle the text editing. Things like TextEdit, Mail, Safari, etc.
    Pages has the same functionality, but it is separate from the system. To do this in Pages, go to Pages, Preferences, Auto-Corrections. Here you will see a similar list. Turn it on by checking Symbol and Text Substitutions. Then check the ones you want to use, like the fractions. Now you can do it in Pages.

      9 years ago

      Thank you very much Gary!

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