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I am having trouble publishing a video via imovie ’11. I want to publish it to facebook so I clicked shared => facebook which brought up a box requiring me to enter my facebook info. I did so by copy and pasting straight from keychain. When I click publish it brings up an error message that states that my ‘account username or password is incorrect’. I don’t understand. I took the same info I copy and pasted from keychain and to manually log into facebook. It worked fine. I only have one facebook account in my keychain which works to automatically fill in my information when I go to facebook and successfully logs me in. I don’t know why I am having difficulties publishing a video via imovie’11. I didn’t know if you had any suggestions or if you heard of a flaw of imovie’11? I published the movie manually which is a bit a little more of a hassle but oh well. It would be nice though to publish at the click of a button as advertised by Apple. THank you. I hope you can help.

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    1/1/11 @ 10:22 pm

    It is just a matter of making sure both your ID and password are exact. Maybe try typing them in rather than copy and paste. Your password may match, but maybe you are using a slightly different ID?
    Anyway — you can just work around the whole issue by avoiding the built-in iMovie function. Just export from iMovie as a video and then use the Facebook web interface to upload normally.

    Emil Klingelfuss
    1/4/11 @ 11:06 am

    I encounter exactly the same problem. Login and password is correct, but I got an error message ‘account username or password is incorrect’.

    1/4/11 @ 9:37 pm

    It turns out that the program cannot support unique characters in the password such as ! or @. It can only do numbers and letters. Change your password to just numbers and letters, and it should work.

    1/5/11 @ 7:42 pm

    It appears that this is one of the bugs fixed in today’s update to iMovie 9.0.1 — FYI.

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