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Purchase Advice: Is 128GB Enough in a MacBook Pro?

I’m wanting to purchase a new MacBook Pro as I lost the HD to my 2012′ model recently and then sold it.
I’ve never owned a MacBook with a SSD drive before so I’m questionable if 128GB is enough HD space for my needs.
I have over 12,000 pics/vids (59.9GB), however I have them all stored in my iCloud Photo Library.
I have over 7,000 songs in iTunes, however I have iTunes Match as well.
I have several docs, etc. (13.8GB), however I have them all in my iCloud drive.
So with all of this being said is there a way to stream my own content and not store everything on my HD when using my new MacBook Pro? If so then I’m sure the 128GB model would fit my needs.

Thanks in advance for any help or pointers.

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    6 years ago

    You can use iTunes Match or Apple Music to stream your music instead of storing it all.

    But I would feel uncomfortable with a 128GB machine if I had 60GB of photos and videos, plus maybe 20GB or more of other things -- and this was my main or only Mac. Why not choose the higher storage option?

    As someone who people talk to about their Macs, I have very often heard people lament that they didn't get a big enough internal drive. However, I don't think I've ever heard someone complain that they bought one that was TOO big.

    6 years ago

    OK, thanks for the quick response. Your response is a big help.
    I am a little unclear on iCloud Photo Library and iCloud Drive. If my information is stored in the cloud will my new MacBook need to store that information as well?

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