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Purchased a Month Old iPad and the Seller Said It Was Not Password Protected.

Purchased a month old iPad 4 and it has games, music, etc on it.
The seller said it had no passwords on it.
While I can use it for most things, to access any updates or some programs it prompts me for an Apple ID.
So, how do I change the ID on this iPad 4 from the one he has on it to one for me so I can access the iPad store and other programs for updates?
Without the ability to update and fully use, I only have an expensive paperweight.
Further, I would not want the music, games, programs, etc. to be affected with a new user password.
Any help here?
Thanks, G
Glen Wheat

Comments: 2 Responses to “Purchased a Month Old iPad and the Seller Said It Was Not Password Protected.”

    7 years ago

    You don’t have a paperweight. What you have is an iPad that is yours. But the apps are not. They were purchased by the previous user with their Apple ID. Those apps belong to that person. As a matter of fact, that person can download those apps to any device they own right now, without paying again. He or she owns a license to them that is tied to his or her account.
    What you got was the last version of those apps installed on the iPad. He or she should have cleaned them off — did a full restore so all the apps and settings were wiped. But since that wasn’t done, you got to use those apps. However you can’t update them because they are registered to your Apple ID.
    For those apps, you will just have to remove them and re-install, purchasing any that cost money. The rest of the iPad shouldn’t be affected by this. Music, movies and shows will also behave this way, but it depends on where the content came from — iTunes, ripped from CD, other sources, etc.

    7 years ago

    The “seller” owns the content. Suggest you “wipe it clean,” and start over. Did you expect something for free? If so – ….

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