Forum Question: Putting signatures in PDFs using Preview

About the only reason I would need a fax these days is to put my signature in a document. Is there a secure way to put my signature in a PDF so I can email it back to the person who needs my signature, or am I better off printing the doc, signing it and snail-mailing it back?

— Luigi

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    6/15/10 @ 7:53 pm

    It really depends on what the person on the other end accepts. I use a program called PDFPen to insert my signature into documents, but there’s no way to certify it. Of course, that is true of faxes as well.
    So there is no secure way to sign a paper document and send it either via email or fax. There are secure ways to verify your ID to someone if a system is in place, but it has to be in place on both ends. I don’t think that is what you are asking. Try the demo of PDFPen to see if that works for you.

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