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Query about Ip conflicts, Iphone to Macbook bluetooth and file sizes.

Hi Gary,
Few queries regarding the new iphone I’ve bought.
1) Since the Iphone’s come, it uses the same wi-fi thrown to my macbook at home. The wi-fi tends to disappear for long bits when both macbook and iphone are using it; disappear meaning airport still catches it but the webpages say that the router’s down. I’m told it could be an ip address conflict. If so, how to resolve it?
2) How do I find out how big a particular snap/video on my iphone is? Settings>General>About shows total disk usage, but I need to specially know how big some videos I take are.
3) And lastly, my iphone is not reading macbook on bluetooth. Is there an inherent problem and if so, how do I transfer files to and fro?
Thank you so much.

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    10 years ago

    1) You don’t mention what sort of wi-fi router you have. But make sure it is configured to set up a network of its own and give out IP addresses. They all should be by default. But if you are using a box from your cable or DSL provider, call their support and have them walk you through checking.
    2) When you look through your camera roll, you can see the length of each video in seconds. That’s all the info you have. You can assume that a 30 second video is twice the size of a 15 second one. More or less. Sync with your Mac and use iPhoto or Image Capture to get more info.
    You can’t use Bluetooth to do much between your Mac and iPhone. Use Bluetooth to connect your iPhone to a wireless headset or keyboard, but there’s nothing for your Mac and iPhone to say to each other on Bluetooth. It is too slow of a connection for a “sync” so Apple doesn’t have that function for it.

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