Forum Question: Question about the free Storage Space that iTunes will be offering.

At the latest WWDC, Steve Jobs announced that in addition to all the cloud features of the new iTunes, that a decent amount of free storage space (outside of music & photos).
Well, with the new free storage that iTunes will offer, is it still necessary to pay for online backup services such as Carbonite?
John Lynch

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    7/7/11 @ 9:23 am

    We don’t know much about that yet. The only uses for “space” in iCloud mentioned so far is for: music storage, photos, AirDisk syncing, mail and calendar event storage. There has been no mention of just plain storage, and in fact iDisk is going away. So there may not be any real storage at all.
    There is supposed to be a backup service in iCloud — but that is for your iOS device. Not your Mac. It just backs up app data and a few other things.
    Unless they announce some sort of backup solution, then iCloud won’t replace Mac/PC online backup services at all.

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