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quicktime player vs quicktime 7

alright i was trying to edit a .mov from a camcorder and trim it to a size i could email. first, i paid for quicktime pro 7 so i like to use it, i trimmed some out of the middle, but when playing back the converted .m4v it stops only seconds into the vid to a still screen and stalled audio. i tried the same potion of trim in quicktime player, same fail. wtf? Is Qt 7 just a different faceplate over the same guts/engine of the quicktime player application? The Quicktime & I used in Leopard wouild do this edit without failing/stalliing? Youtube’s editor works better.

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    10 years ago

    QuickTime 7 Pro is unlocked editing features of the QucikTime 7 Player. QuickTime Player X (maybe that is what you mean by QuickTime Player) is a whole new application. It has some of the basic editing features of QuickTime 7 Pro, but not many of the export features.
    Not sure what you might be doing wrong. Check out episode 114 ( for a tutorial on editing with QuickTime 7 Pro.

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