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Re: How To Play Music Videos On the Other Screen?

iMacHigh Sierra (late 2012), 27″ 2.9Ghz inTel Core i5, NvidiaGTX 660M 512 MB 24Gb memory 1600Mhz DDR3. Second Monitor LG.
Apps are VLC, Elmedia Player, QuickTime,DVDPlayer (Apple)

Instead of showing a static photo on my second, extended monitor (LG), I would like to be able to play videos and slideshows. I would categorise them in different Playlists, like Music Videos of my favourite performers (e.g.downloaded rom Youtube), Videos about nature (from BabaMail) and Arts (from various websites), my own home movies(PowerDirector, iMovie, iSkyVideo) and slideshows (Keynote, Moviemaker,Windows Powerrpoint).Most of these files are now in my iMac Folders of Documents, Pictures and Movies, but I can of course move them all in one Playlist folder, after converting their different formats to one and the same (if necessary). From there I would choose a Playlist to run the herein contained videos/slideshows. All have audio (music or narration).

Thanks for your advice, Gary!

Fred Scholten (Brisbane, Australia)

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    3 years ago

    I would use VLC for this. Or, at least that is where I would start. I believe VLC has playlists and such. I would expand the VLC player window to fill the screen and just do it that way.

    Not sure what you mean by “instead of showing a static photo” — do you mean the desktop background? Replacing the desktop background with video can be done with some third-party tools, but I don’t have any specific recommendations. Some of them may not work with multiple monitors. I would stick with just having a large window fill that screen if possible.

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