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Reader Function In Mac Safari, Is It Possible In Mac Mail?

If possible, how to, enable similar to: Reader function in Mac Safari, in Mac Mail?
To obtain the Mac Reader function, less strain of my eyes

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    2 years ago

    There is no Reader View in the Mail app. Typically email messages don't contain ads, navigation bars, links to other things and other distractions. But if the idea is you simply want to make the text of the email message larger, you can do that without Reader View.

    Under Format, Style, you have Bigger and Smaller to adjust the text size. The keyboard shortcuts are Command and + or -. Just Command+(plus) a few times until the text is easier to read.

    But you can also go into Mail, Preferences, then Fonts & Colors and change the Message Text size to something larger. This will make a lot of your messages display with larger text. Though how it affects each message depends on the message type (text, rich text or HTML) and how it is styled by the sender.

    2 years ago

    Select the content of the email message by dragging over it and then while the area is highlighted, use the Control Key to select "Speech" "Start speaking"

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