Forum Question: Reasons for an Apple iPad

I was thinking about what things I would like for the holiday, and I came to the conclusion that the Apple iPad would be number one on my list. Do you think it is better to wait for a new iteration of the iPad, or to get the current model? And if to wait, when would you suspect the new iteration to debut?
Ethan J.

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    10/31/10 @ 1:22 pm

    Impossible to say. I can’t even speculate what a new model would hold. Even if I had heard rumors, they would just be rumors.
    If you want something for the holidays, then I guess you have to get the current version. I don’t like “waiting for the next version” thinking, myself, as I prefer to buy (or wish for) things when I need or want them, rather than base decisions on rumors. There will always be a next version of the iMac, iPhone, iPad, MacBook, etc. “right around the corner” — so it is a game you can’t win.

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