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Recording Calls on iPhone

How can i record calls on my iPhone using a application without having any background sound?

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    10 years ago

    You have to do it with an app.
    I think there are several apps, but I haven’t used any of them.
    So search the App Store.
    I think the way they work is they replace the Phone app of your iPhone — well, act as an alternative to it. You place the calls through the new app and it records the call.

      10 years ago

      Is there any other way besides using an application for it?

        10 years ago

        There’s no way to do it inside the Phone app, if that is what you mean.

    John M. Hammer
    10 years ago

    iOS doesn’t allow it to be done directly. I suppose Apple was concerned about the law in certain jurisdictions.

    If you use Google Voice (the service, not the app of the same name) you can record calls easily. And even get transcripts of them.

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