Forum Question: Recording from a DVR to a mac

I have a Directv DVR(new one) that I use for my tv purposes, but I want to get a mac mini hooked up for video, but I still want to record stuff through my cable onto my mac to use with plex, an app i saw on, so i want to know, is it legal or even possible to record out from a dvr on directv to a mac, and if so, how do i do it. Thanks Gary
Will Galloway

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    11/1/10 @ 10:16 pm

    Probably not legal (you’d have to read your DirecTV contract and tell me). But probably not possible either. Your best bet is to be able to play it out over a video cable, and then bring that in to your Mac with some hardware that converts video to digital, then record it. You can spend a lot of time and money to solve the problem — probably too much.

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