Forum Question: Reducing size of pdf scans later on

Hi Gary
I got some pdf documents which are pretty heavy in size – they had been scanned at 300dpi for quality printing. If I don’t need to print, is there a way to reduce their size to keep them just good for screen reading? Waht would be the right setting and what tool can I use?

— Pschemek

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    3/24/10 @ 7:36 am

    Open them in Preview. Go to File, Save As. Choose Quartz Filter, Reduce File Size. See episode 361 for even more options.

      3/24/10 @ 3:03 pm

      That helps! Is there a way to batch-process more files in one go with this method – I’ve got 100+ pdf files to reduce.

        3/24/10 @ 8:57 pm

        If you know how to use Automator, you can set up a script to take care of some of the steps. You can just open all 100 and then record an action to save and close. Then repeat the action 99 more times.

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