Forum Question: Regarding the Mac infestation with malware

I read a column in Sunday’s paper talking about how Mac’s have fallen victim to viruses and malware. Besides taking the recommended precautions you suggest how can I tell if my Mac has been affected and what can I do about it?
Liana Martinez

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    6/5/11 @ 9:25 pm

    Which Sunday paper? If they said “viruses” then they are very misinformed.
    I’ve set up a special section of MacMost for information like this:
    The only thing to worry about right now it this “Mac Defender” trojan (not a virus). But you know it if you have it as it is very “noisy” and won’t leave you alone.
    Anyway, as long as you have updated with the security patch this last week (Software Update) then you don’t have to worry about it. And following the advice I give in episode 361 ( is a good idea too.

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