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Reminders Adding a Link?

I have a reminder set up for the 1st of every month to update my budget which is on Numbers. Does anyone know please how I can add a file link in the notes section so that I can open the file directly from within Reminders?
John Becker

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    8 months ago

    In the Reminders app, select the reminder. Click the i button next to it. Then look for the URL section.

    You can add a link to the file there by starting with file:/// (three slashes) and then the path to the file starting in your Home folder.

    Or, you can just drag and drop the file from the Finder into the URL section of the reminder info window.

    Then you should see the file listed in the reminder and be able to double-click it to open the file in its default app.

    John Becker
    8 months ago

    Thanks Gary

    8 months ago

    I didn't know about the drag and drop option, although when I try the URL field does populate with the path, but it doesn't seem to save when I close the info pane. Instead it becomes blank again.

    Mark Driscoll
    6 months ago

    New to the forum, so much great advice here.

    This might be interesting too, John:
    I started to use Reminders over ToDo apps and Things3 when I discovered dragging emails into the end of a section in Reminders app creating a link back to the source email, no matter what folder and of course the exact reminder settings I choose. So much more flexible than the "Remind me later" feature of as they have to remain in the Inbox to work.

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