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Remove an Unwanted Update?

the app store has sent me an update to iPhoto from 2015. How do i delete it and that number 1 that keeps staring at me
Michael L

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    4 years ago

    First, why do you want to ignore the update? Even if you do not use iPhoto anymore, why have an old copy of the app on your Mac when you could have the most recent update? So I would just do the update. In some cases, updates contain security fixes so you definitely don’t want to keep outdated software around unless you have a good reason.
    There is a way to ignore purchased apps for updates. You need to go to the Purchased screen, and then Control+click on the app and select Hide Purchase. This will stop future updates. But it probably won’t work with iPhoto since it was an app that came with a previous version of OS X, not an app store purchase — but you can get it either way, so look in the Purchased list for it anyway.
    Otherwise, your best bet is to simply do the update.

    Michael L
    4 years ago

    thank yo but i have been dealing with Apple support for two weeks as my 3 month iMac was transferring files very slowly. Finally the problem was leaving photstream on as it constantly searches the background. Apple techs repeatedly have told me there is no more support for iPhoto and we removed it as all my phot are stored in Lightroom and some in Photos

    4 years ago

    I would check to make sure that it is completely removed. Look in the Applications folder at the main level and for each user. Then look in Purchased in the App Store. If it isn’t there, then you should be getting update notices.
    Otherwise, try updating anyway, then delete it.

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