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Remove Duplicates From iTunes

I would like to use automator to remove exact duplicates from my iTunes library. Many songs may have same title and artist…but may be from different album (boy I am showing my age)
Furthermore, rather than delete the songs, I’d like to move the duplicate to a fold so i can back it up before I delete for good. In any case, the result would be to clean up iTunes and have no duplicate files. thanks
Matt Balla

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    7 years ago

    You don’t need Automator for that. You can do it right in iTunes. File, Display Duplicates.
    Then it is up to you to go through them. If the same song is present twice, with two separate albums, then you need to select one and do what you want with it.
    You can select a song or songs, Control+Click on it and then select “Show in Finder” — then copy the file to another location and delete it from iTunes.
    You’ll need to decide for each duplicate because iTunes can’t know which one you want to keep. Then of course you’ll end up with partial albums because the one you do delete won’t be there anymore.

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