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Remove Previous Recipient On an iPad

I watch your MacMost video every day and enjoy it.
When a contact in my Mac computer AddressBook changes email addresses I change it in my AddressBook.
However, the old email address stays in my Previous Recipients and is annoying when I fill out the “To” column and the old address’s always appears.
On my Mac computer to remove Previous Recipients, I go into Mail>Window>Previous Recipients and remove old redundant email addresses.
As my iPad is new, I haven’t experienced this as yet, but when and if I do…
How do I remove Previous Recipients from my Mail on my iPad?
Jim Hall

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    6 years ago

    Here’s how you do it in iOS.
    Start a new email message. In the “To” field, start by typing any letter in the email address you want to remove from previous recipients. It helps you find the address if you start with the first letter of the name or email address.
    Then you’ll see a “To” menu appear that includes your contacts and any previous recipients not in your contacts. Those will have a little blue arrow next to the name. Tap that arrow and you’ll see the name, email address and some buttons, like the ability to add the address to Contacts.
    The last button at the bottom of this menu is Remove From Recents.
    Unfortunately, there is no way to simply clear the list entirely. But at least this method is right there when the problem presents itself — just use Mail normally, and when one of these appears with some address you don’t care about, delete it there and then.

      Jim Hall
      6 years ago

      Great, it worked.
      Thanks, Jim.

    John C Stires
    6 years ago

    How ’bout in OSX?

      6 years ago

      It is easy to do in Mail for OS X. Just go to the Window menu, then choose Previous Recipients. You can remove one or more addresses using this window.

    6 years ago

    How about with messages on iPod touch? It’s older – not ios7 compatible. I know how to remove them in mail, but a similar choice does not pop up in messages. Thanks!

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