Forum Question: Removed Windows 7 but Mac Mini still tries to boot to it

Hi –
I used boot camp to install windows 7 on my new Mac Mini (had no issues with my Macbook Pro a couple of months ago). When I used the installation disks that came with the Mini to install the boot camp items on the Windows side, I couldn’t get the boot camp assistant installed. I deleted the Windows 7 partition, but my Mac Mini still tries to boot to Windows every time. To get to Mac, I always need to press the option key when booting up, even though the Windows icon doesn’t show up. Can anyone help with this? All I want to achieve is a clean boot to Mac every time, without pressing the option key….

— Mike Kischuck

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    12/22/09 @ 9:15 pm

    Windows 7 isn’t officially supported in Boot Camp yet. I’m not surprised that the tools didn’t install.
    To make sure it boots to Mac, go to System Preferences, choose the “Startup Disk” preferences and set it to your Mac OS X disk.

      Mike Kischuck
      12/22/09 @ 9:29 pm

      Wow. This is my 1st time using the forum, and I am very impressed with the quick response – thank you very very much!!!! It worked.

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