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I’m stumped. For added security, I renamed my network and my guest network to something other than my name. Everything went fine, and my Time Capsule rebooted and connected to the re-named network. I also re-connected the two iPhones in our house to the newly renamed network. However, the old network still shows up in the Network system preferences and appears to be still broadcasting. I even clicked the advanced button and deleted it from the preferred networks. I want to remove the old network entirely from showing up. What do I do?

— Kevin Durr

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    3/24/10 @ 8:39 pm

    I’ve never run into this before. Try this: Go to System Preferences. Then Network. Select Airport and then look for the “Advanced” button. You should see a list of “Preferred Networks” — try removing the unwanted one from there.
    See if that helps.

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