Forum Question: Removing Apps From App store purchased list

Is there a way to remove aplication that I do not want to keep on my Mac or iPad from the list of Purchased application in Apple Store?
Vladimir Surla

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    9/25/11 @ 7:54 am

    No, there isn’t.
    The idea is that all of your apps are there as a kind of list of receipts.
    You shouldn’t ever need to use that list except for reference. It comes in handy when you have multiple Macs and you get a new app on one Mac, and then want to add it to your other Mac as well. You can just go to the purchased list and see it as the most recent thing there.
    Other than that, it is just for reference.
    Why do you want to remove an item from the list? Just neatness? I can see that, but it causes problems with the idea that once you buy an app you own it forever. It would make it too easy to buy an app twice.

      Vladimir Surla
      9/30/11 @ 3:50 pm

      Thanks, I reckon you are right after all, why would I remove them.

    9/27/11 @ 2:55 am

    yes you can remove them. Just select and right click and delete. Though not sure why you would want to do that. Like Gary Said they are all receipts.

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