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Removing Items From Finder Toolbar

I know you have told me before, but now I can’t seem to remember or find it; how do you remove items from the finder toolbar.
Promise to put it into a safe place for future reference. Thanks so much!
George Kahler

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    12 years ago

    That video (although) good, did not answer the question. I do not have the delete option in the toolbar setup. You gave me another way to delete items using a couple of key combinations, but cannot remember them.

      12 years ago

      The way to remove items from the Finder toolbar is to go into the Customize Toolbar interface (View, Customize Toolbar) and then simply drag any item in the toolbar you want up and out of the toolbar. It will vanish with a "poof."
      I can't think of a keyboard combination that will do that.

      Robert Lamacraft
      12 years ago

      You can hold down command and click and drag items out of the finder toolbar or to re-arrange them; that might be what you're thinking off.

    12 years ago

    Thank you Robert, that combination worked to delete items from the toolbar that had been mistakenly put there.

    12 years ago

    No problem

    11 years ago

    That was amazing Gary!! Best advice is always simple and to the point!

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