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Removing Mackeeper?

Remove Mackeeper, but some segments still appear on screen at various times?
Thomas Houlihan

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    4 years ago

    I hear this is tough. They do have an uninstall guide on their site. Did you follow that?
    Otherwise, search on for this and you’ll see several people posting all of the complex steps.
    I’ve never had to do it myself, so I can’t add anything to those posts.

    4 years ago

    Use App Cleaner. It searches your computer for all that is related to the app you wish to remove.

    Dave Cummings
    4 years ago

    How about using CleanMyMac3 app uninstall feature,it seems to get rid of all the associated files etc that might get left normally?
    I never felt comfortable with MacKeeper,i put it on my first Mac and it seemed to share just about every thing you were running with other users of the app ,or thats how i seem to remember it,i don’t actually think it did anything constructive,it reminded me of the way kids list all their cars components etc on the paintwork of their vehicle,you know engine ,shocks

    4 years ago

    I installed Mackeeper on my mbp years ago and never could delete it. Even after direct correspondence with the developer, it remained on my screen and drive until the drive died- that was about 6 years! Never trust that source again.

    Paul Werner
    4 years ago

    I concur with Dave Cummings. I used to have problems with MacKeeper, but since using CleanMyMac3 I have had it removed permanently. Some websites will still try and get you to install this, but if I am aware of it, I will not frequent the site. They (MK) are not trustworthy. Thanks Gary for the great article.

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