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Rename Files In Order Of Creation Date

I have a number of folders that I would like to rename the contents based on creation date. For example in my pets folder rename as Pets1 the earliest and Pets598 the newest. If I select sort them in finder based on creation date and then rename them all using the rename function in finder they are renamed, but not in the order of creation.

Any solutions would be appreciated and/or app suggestions.

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    2 years ago

    How about using the Finder’s Rename tool to rename them using the date as part of the name? I’m not sure if this will work with what you have, but it is worth trying — maybe duplicate the whole folder full of folders first and trying it on the duplicates. Because once you rename the files, it may be hard to remove those dated names.

    But then once you have them all named with dates, you can use the tool again to have them all named using “Name and counter” and hopefully this gives you the right order.

    So in the Finder’s rename tool, you can choose the name format of “Name and Date” and put that before the name. Then set the “where” to “before name.” Maybe that gets you what you want?

    Is the idea just to have the files stay in date order even if you sort them by name? Then why rename them at all? Just sort them by date to view them.

    2 years ago

    Gary, thanks for your hint (it was a good one). Unfortunately have numerous files with same date/time so that will not work as you get an error message durning batch name change. You are correct, I can just view files in sort order by date, which I do. Renaming was more of a “how do I do that” and when stuck I went to you for advice.

    As always thanks for being such a fantastic help on all things “Apple”, and providing a stellar website.

    Very sincerely, Carl

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