Forum Question: Reporting Sigma SD10 Software Crashes

Hi Gary,

My Sigma SD10 camera relies on Sigma Photo Pro on my Mac to transfer photos from camera to Mac. It’s been crashing lots, though, since I updated to Snow Leopard (I had to upgrade from Photo Pro 2.0 to 3.3).

The crash logs go to Apple, according to the window that pops up after each crash. Questions:

What does Apple do with the crash logs?
Is it worth my while to send these crash logs to Sigma, the software maker?
What other steps can I take with the crash logs to help solve the problem?

— Luigi

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    10/31/09 @ 8:05 am

    First, I would check to see if you really need that software at all. iPhoto and Aperture should be able to handle anything out there. I’d be surprised if you really needed the software. A lot of older cameras still come with their own software, but you don’t need it at all.
    Also, it looks like the camera uses CF cards? Then it might be a better option to not connect the camera at all, but simply get a CF card (or a multi-type card reader) and plug that into your Mac and read the card directly. Not only might this work better, but it may be 10x faster.
    But concerning the software, I doubt Apple does anything as the software is not theirs. I would report the issues to Sigma. Don’t worry so much about crash logs — just tell them how to recreate the bug. And ask them for suggestions. Perhaps there is an update to the software.

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