Forum Question: resetting imac and time capsule back to factory specs

Hi Gary
I am a new apple user as of 10/2009 i like apple so much that i am getting a new i mac and larger time capsule 2 TB
And giving my new system that i bought in October 2009 to my nephew who is starting at Yale this summer.

My question is how can i reset my Mac and time capsule back to its factory settings can you lead me to a step by step instruction i have a3 year apple care plan will apple do this for me if not can i get step by step instructions at mac most or another web i have snow leopard 3.1 GHz processor 8 gb ram and 1 tb memory and 1 tb time capsule any advice would be greatly appreciated

Paul palazzolo

— paulie3660

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    4/20/10 @ 8:59 pm

    Use the DVDs that came with you mac to do that. You can wipe and reinstall the system with them. Another option is to simply leave the Mac as-is and start a new user account. Then delete your old user account.
    As for time capsule, you can use disk utility to erase it, and then use time machine to set it up again. There might be a function in time machine to erase and start over again too.

    4/21/10 @ 3:11 am

    Hi Gary

    Thanks for the good advice. I’ve set up a new user account and gave that administrator powers but I am running into a few problems.

    1 I can’t seem to find the system’s preference anywhere

    2 the little blue light under the applications that are running is on of course, but when I click on it to quit the application that is running, the pop-up window with options and quit buttons does not appear so I can not quit the applications
    How can I remedy these situations?

    PS i think that you book switching to a mac is TERRIFIC

    Thank you.
    Your friend

      4/21/10 @ 5:57 am

      Preferences are stored in you user library under library/preferences. If you delete the account, you are deleting your preferences too.
      Clicking on a running application in the dock will bring that application to the front. Then just quit it as normal from the menu.

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