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Hi Gary I recently disided to restore my mac book pro I booted it from the apple restore disc then wiped the hard drive using disc utility and started to reinstall from the cd which I’ve done once before with no problems but this time got half way through the install and it stopped and said disc needs cleaning or is scratched. I managed to get the disc out cleaned it and tried again but same problem any ideas how to fix this would be great
Richard slack

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    8/7/11 @ 9:10 am

    It sounds like the problem isn’t really with the restore. It is a simple disc or disc drive problem. Chances are the issue is with one or the other.
    Without an OS installed, it will be tough to test the drive out with another DVD data disc (a test with just a CD or DVD video wouldn’t be conclusive).
    So you could take it to a shop and have them try to test it. Or, maybe they have the same install disc that you do and can try theirs.
    Take a good look at the install disc under good light. Does it look clean and scratch free? That might give you a clue too. If it doesn’t, then you may need to buy another one.
    Yet another good reason never to do a clean OS install if you don’t have to…

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