Forum Question: Restoring Lost Dock And Finder Items

Your video number 533, “Restoring Lost Dock and Finder Items,” was quite informative, as it is easy, particularly with dock items, to inadvertently drag one of them onto the desktop, and watch them go “poof”.
If you immediately realize that you just lost a dock item, it is, as you pointed out, an easy task to get it back.
However, sometimes I have had the experience of losing a dock item and not noticing until much later that “something seems missing from the dock, but I am not sure what!”.
Do you know whether there is some built-in rollback mechanism that would let you set back the dock to its previous state?
At times, I have resorted to taking a screen shot of my dock and emailing it to myself but was wondering whether there was another way. For instance, could Time Machine be enlisted to do this?
Richard Fuhr

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    3/28/11 @ 7:16 pm

    You screen shot isn’t a bad idea. Or, just type out a list. There may be a way to use Time Machine — to restore the correct Dock preferences files. But probably a lot more complex than just noting which programs you like in a text file of some sort.
    You could always create a second folder that contains aliases to the applications. Then if you mess up your dock you can refer to that folder.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    12/8/12 @ 2:56 pm

    In the Lion`s dock can you remove the history when you right click say Quick Time Player above the options where it shows you the clips or the movie`s. I have just had a look and it has The film Help, 22 Bullets,and Gettysburg. Can you get rid of them. Gary

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