Forum Question: Restoring new iPad from backup and wiping old iPad

My wife has a 16GB Wifi iPad (1st gen). The kids use it, so it’s a bit scratched up. Today, I ordered a refurbished 16GB Wifi iPad (1st gen), same as the first one. I want to make the new one my wife’s and give her old one to the kids. I plan to use the restore-from-backup option to make the new iPad my wife’s in one simple step. I then plan to wipe the old one and start it fresh for the kids. My question is this: The second time I sync the new iPad, is iTunes going to say, “Oh, you were wiped last time we synced,” and erase everything off the new iPad thinking it’s the old one?

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    5/1/11 @ 9:15 pm

    No, it shouldn’t do that. They both should behave just fine. It won’t try to wipe the new one because you wipe the old one.

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