Forum Question: Retaining avi format while exporting to Powerpoint

Hi all, I’ve been posting this query on all Apple forums but not getting replies, or at any rate – they’re not very helpful tips.
I’ve created a Keynote presentation with video in it. The videos are avi files (NB: I created the xvid codec-based avis from mov files through a converter software). Now when I ‘export to powerpoint’ from Keynote, the accompanying folder that’s created for media, has all the files, but in mov format. This is a risk since some of the MS Powerpoint apps are unreliable with mov filews.
Can anyone tell me how to retain the avi format/codec while exporting?
Ellen Goldman

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    6/18/11 @ 11:16 am

    I don’t think there are any options like that.
    But it sounds to me like it is very important to you to create PowerPoint presentations with precision — exactly as you want them.
    So I would recommend getting Office and creating the presentations in PowerPoint rather than Keynote.
    The Keynote export function is great if you use Keynote to present most of the time but need the option to have a backup presentation method (on a Windows computer) or need to send someone a copy of your presentation. But if presenting in PowerPoint or distributing PowerPoint is your main goal, I’d just use PowerPoint to begin with.

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