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Return & Wait or Be Happy With My 13-inch MacBook Pro

Hello again Gary & macmost followers.
Last Friday (4 February) I purchased a 13-inch MacBook Pro. It’s lovely. And the battery life is simply unbelievable. But I have a problem.
On 8 February I came across an article on MacRumors indicating Best Buy is likely preparing for updates to the MacBook/MacBook Pro line. As the last updates were in April 2010 the timing would see quite appropriate for Apple to roll out replacements in the next few to eight weeks.
My question, and I know this is rather subjective, is: do I return this MacBook Pro and wait or shut up and enjoy what I have in the way of this 2.4GHz dual core device?
I’m not in a position where I MUST replace my current laptop today so waiting another month or two is alright. I guess the real question is how much better (for the same price, or so I hope) will be the new 13-inch MacBook Pro?
Will it move up to a Core i3 chip? Will it have a larger hard drive? Will it come with better graphics capabilities?
As I use my laptop every day, but for very mundane/everyday habits (web browsing, e-mail, letter writing and typically not for processor or RAM heavy duties, but occasionally running Abode Lightroom) I don’t know how much more I would get from a more modern CPU, etc. versus just getting on with my life and enjoying my new laptop.
Any thoughts?

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    9 years ago

    You’re right. It is very subjective. And it is just a rumor. There is ALWAYS a rumor of new Macs. You can always wait for the next one. Even if one comes out tomorrow, will the changes be something you desperately need? Will an i3 vs. a Core 2 Duo make that much of a difference that you’ll even notice?
    It is impossible to say what the new features of a MacBook Pro update will be. We can only speculate. Information you find online is sometimes right and sometimes wrong.

    9 years ago


    Thanks for the input. It sounds just like what is running through my head: nothing definitive.

    I suppose the one upside to staying with what I have purchased is that we know it’s reliable. Any new product could have an as yet unseen problem and that would be annoying.

    Alan Summers
    8 years ago

    Hi Gary
    Great info keep up the great work
    I bought a MacBook Pro in the UK from an Apple Premium Reseller on 5 June 12 as you know a few days later Apple had the WWDC the store refused to refund and / or replace it with the current spec (I didn’t really want any money back just current spec) Apple have also refused a swap out. It would be use full to your followers for them to know the difference between Premium Resellers and retailers. Do you know how I can get apple to do a swap out? Thanks

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