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While receiving the latest Mountain Lion update, my iTunes was changed.
How do I revert to previous iTunes from the ‘updated’ version 11?
John M

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    12/2/12 @ 9:01 am

    Why do you want to revert to the previous version of iTunes?
    Is there some feature you can’t find, or some other reason?

      John M
      12/2/12 @ 8:52 pm

      Gary, I really appreciate all you do.
      I’ve had my macbook pro for about 5 months and am used to the iTunes format. Now with the update, it’s frustrating to re-learn how to use it. Kinda like someone moving all your furniture and belongings into different areas where you live.
      Seems like it’s not as user friendly as prior version. Sometimes too much info and change is not needed.

        12/2/12 @ 9:00 pm

        I’m been examining iTunes 11 thoroughly, and I don’t see much missing. For most people just turning the sidebar back on (in the View menu) will basically get you back to an iTunes 10 interface — with some really cool new functionality like the Up Next feature. I’ll probably do a video on this tomorrow.

          Geoff B.
          12/4/12 @ 5:25 pm

          In the older versions at the bottom of the sidebar you could show the album art in the “now playing” screen – This seems to be missing in itunes 11?

    John M. Hammer
    12/2/12 @ 9:19 am

    The simple answer is that you can’t do it easily. If you have or can obtain an older version of the iTunes installer, then you might be able to install it and it might even work. If you are experiencing a technical problem that you can’t solve any other way, this might be worth trying.

    If you just don’t like the UI of iTunes 11, you can recover most of your familiar UI elements. Under iTunes’s VIEW menu, choose SHOW SIDEBAR. When browsing your Music, select the SONGS tab in the main window to get the familiar list view.

      John M
      12/2/12 @ 8:42 pm

      Thanks. Your suggestion really helps.
      Guess I just resent revamping something without being advised, or even having an option.

        Joseph Allen
        12/2/12 @ 9:03 pm

        I like the way MAIL in Mountain Lion gives you the viewing option: CLASSIC LAYOUT.

        Apple should make this an option in all their new software releases.

          12/2/12 @ 9:16 pm

          So, how is that different than turning on the sidebar? There is even still the Column Browser which goes back a few versions.

    12/3/12 @ 3:26 pm

    How do I change the icon size when looking at the list of movies or apps etc.

    Gordon Potter
    12/3/12 @ 3:59 pm

    Apple has apparently removed the “find duplicates” function from iTunes 11. At least there are several Forum threads saying that.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    12/7/12 @ 5:19 pm

    I have just had a go at adding an album to iTunes. In the old version i just tossed the album into the window,and you could see the songs loading in.
    It will not accept this album for some reason.
    I had the folder with the art work already on,but it splits up into two albums when i toss the folder in. The guy above mentioned about the art work system at the bottom. This has totally got me lost off.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    12/10/12 @ 5:01 pm

    I too would like to revert back to the previous version of iTunes.
    When i tried to find out how you install the art work. It says contact the iTunes store. This was a very personal thing to me,because i collected all the signal hits,and made albums of them. Apple could not understand has usual. Art work does not exist for what i want. They evan installed it without my permission.
    I DO not want to mess about clicking this and that. I just want to listen to my music. Gary

    12/11/12 @ 4:34 pm

    I also dislike the new interface. While I’ve turned on the sidebar, I really miss the ability to see album artwork from the song list. Fine, remove cover flow, but there’s no replacement. It’s only available on the album tab now. Why can’t we see everything about our music at once?

    Also, simply defending a new version from inquiry, and challenging people’s questions with “what’s wrong with it?” isn’t helpful. It’s not always just a comfort zone issue. There are things missing from this version.

    12/11/12 @ 4:38 pm

    I’ve also had a lot of my own uploaded artwork disappear in this new version. I don’t think I need to mention how important being able to find (and KEEP) scanned/found artwork is on iTunes, given how woefully lacking the “Download Album Artwork” feature is.

    Perd Vert
    12/11/12 @ 5:43 pm

    It took me ages to figure out how to put a track on my ipod. I could look at the ipod, but I couldn’t drag anything to it nor was “transfer to ipod” an option on the long right-click menu. Somehow I was able to get the ipod menu to appear and transfer the podcast, but the next time I tried I couldn’t figure out how to get that menu back. I finally just copied the file to my desktop and dragged it to the ipod. This stuff should be at least somewhat intuitive. No wonder their stock is tumbling.

      12/11/12 @ 6:00 pm

      Nothing has really changed in this respect from iTunes 10 to iTunes 11. Both the syncing option and the manual options are the same.

        Perd Vert
        12/11/12 @ 9:45 pm

        Thanks Gary. Now that I’ve switched on the sidebar I can see the ipod.

        Another issue is that when downloading certain podcasts it keeps “downloading” beyond the actual size of the file (ex: “Downloading 87.7mb of 45.7mb” and on and on. Once the download finally ends the file won’t play properly. Apparently people with iphones have been stuck with extra bandwidth costs thanks to infinite podcast downloads. Thanks Itunes 11!

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    12/13/12 @ 7:02 pm

    If there was no difference why did they bring out iTunes 11.
    I find a big difference which is the “Artwork” has mentioned above. I have tried to contact iTunes store about this,and all i got was four pictures of albums,and the cost. I was asking about the “Artwork” not to buy them.
    To me they had nothing else to do, so they decided to tweak things round a bit to make iTunes hit the news,which attracts people.

      12/13/12 @ 10:48 pm

      Not true. First, I said “nothing has really changes IN THIS RESPECT” in response to a question transferring tracks to the iPod. A lot has changed in the app, as I showed in my video on the subject. (
      Apple does not waste time, effort and money with useless updates. For one, the new iTunes is much faster. There are also many new and useful improvements.
      YOu can still update your artwork by selecting a track, getting info on it (Command+I) and then going to the artwork section. This has been the main method of adding artwork for many versions.

        2/12/13 @ 2:36 am

        I really do dislike the new itunes, im a massive apple fan but i do believe this update was a cock up. Every time i import a CD it never adds it to my library (when you search for the song, or the artist). Really hoping apple realise this and do an update that is more like the previous designs of itunes.

    3/12/13 @ 5:10 am

    iTunes 11.0.2 is misbehaving grossly and I’m done with trying to fix it; I too disliked the new v11 when it arrived, but had learned to find most of the missing features I use regularly and was settling in to the new era, but the 11.0.2 “up”grade has been a roaring disaster: it “unexpectedly” quits when I try to import new music into my library by any of the several routes I’ve tried. It also crashed whenever I try searching w the filter. Where can I get v11.0.0??

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