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Don’t know what it’s used for.

I have 212 RSS items in one of my mailboxes. Don’t know how to open it, what those items are, what they’re for, I’m unable to look at them, right click, left click.

If it’s something I don’t need, I want to delete all 212 items in the RSS mailbox.

— Bill Jackson

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    3/11/10 @ 12:22 pm

    An item in an RSS feed is just like an email in a mailbox. Tweek the RSS item in the left sidebar so you can see what feeds you are getting. Probably the default Apple news feed. Then select it and you will see the news items as messages. Select a message to read it.
    RSS is very useful for subscribing to content, like the content at MacMost. For instance, you can get an RSS feed of the topics right here in this forum.
    If you want to delete the feed, just select it and control+click it and select Delete.

      Bill Jackson
      3/12/10 @ 10:28 am

      I click on the RSS in the sidebar on the Inbox mail program, right click, left click, with control, or option, or command, and nothing happens.

      I still have no idea what the 212 RSS items are.

      Thank you.

      I just discovered, by barely touching the keypad, what the RSS items are-it’s Apple advertising, which I’m not interested in. How can this be stopped? I had to delete each item individually, when I did Select All, it didn’t work. And the last item, Echelon something, will not delete.

        3/12/10 @ 10:37 am

        Are you clicking on the little triangle to the left of it? So you can expand the RSS item to see which feeds you are subscribed to? Once you expand the list, you will see the Apple RSS feed and can select it and delete it.

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