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Running Anti-Virus software on a Mac

Hi Gary,

I have owned my MB for 20 months and have never installed any type of anti-virus software on it. I also (knock on wood) have never had an issue.

Should I continue to dodge this bullet or should I install some sort of software? Do you have any suggestions if I need one?



— Jason

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    11 years ago

    There is no bullet to dodge. You don’t need anti-virus software. At least not today. There are no (zero, 0, none, nada) active virus for the Mac. I’m not saying that one couldn’t exist, I’m just just saying there are none right now.
    There have been a few trojans, like the one that people got when they downloaded and installed an obviously illegal copy of iWork 08 a while back. But anti-virus software wouldn’t have helped you there anyway.
    The day that real virus threaten Mac users you will know about it. The Mac press is so poised and ready to spring on news in that area that it will be all over the place. And I’ll bet the first fix comes from Apple itself (via Software Update), not the anti-virus software people anyway.
    Just keep your system up-to-date and you are fine. Spending money on anti-virus is a waste, and those programs often create problems once installed.

    11 years ago

    I run ClamXav – but I actually only use it to scan for Windows viruses and stuff, so that I don’t send an infected file to a friend or relative.

    Snow Leopard has got built-in protection that currently only recognizes two families of Trojans. BUT this feature isn’t OS-wide, yet. Apple will probably expand and improve this feature in future OS releases.

    Do turn on your Firewall.

    That’s my two cents!


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