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Safari 5 Video problems

Hello Gary.
i am having a major problem with safari 5, and i can’t find a way to solve it.
when i go to any website with video streaming like youtube and so on, non of those video do work. they do work once when i reset safari. but i can’t do that all the time, as it keeps on deleting my past websites and i just ant it to work.
can you tell me what to do exactly for it?


— Hassan

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    10 years ago

    YouTube video uses Flash for playback. Perhaps something is wrong with your Flash install, or you have an old copy of Flash? Go to Adobe’s web site and update or re-install Flash and it should fix the problem.

      10 years ago

      but Gary, why didn’t this happen in safari 4 before… it only did when i installed safari 5 after few days.

        10 years ago

        Perhaps during the install you lost the Flash player. Or you had an old version of the player that doesn’t work well with Safari 5. It is possible. Just try it and you’ll see if it works.

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