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Safari Not Blocking Pop Unders

Safari blocks pop ups but not pop unders.
This is like waking up and finding your house covered in billboards or going to a bank that leaves the vault open.
I keep getting pop unders from the local indian casino.
Is there a way to stop this invasion of privacy?

— Bruce Mueller

Comments: 3 Responses to “Safari Not Blocking Pop Unders”

    12 years ago

    It does block pop-unders, but some sites use techniques to get around it — on Safari and other browsers as well. But it isn’t a privacy concern, just an annoyance. You might want to complain to the site if you visit there often. Tell them “no means no.”

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    9 years ago

    In Safari Preferences under Security i have ticked the Block Pop Up Windows. I have always wanted to know about this simple title,so i thought. It happened a couple of times when i am on your site. Your Subscribe to your Newsletter comes out from the right hand side,is this a Pop Up Window.
    If it is, why is Safari not blocking it. On nearly all sites this happens. So from this that they must be Pop Under`s,so what you are saying you can`t stop Pop Under`s has well, even if has you said “no means no” If they take no notice of you,and still do it. You can`t do anything about it. Gary

      9 years ago

      A pop up window is a window — an actual window. Something like my “subscribe to the newsletter” box is a part of the page, not a separate window. It is also not an advertisement, it is a part of the web site like any of the links you see on the left or the top of the page.
      A pop under is also a window. It just appears under the browser window instead of on top of that. Both pop-ups and pop-unders are separate windows, not a part of the web page itself.

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