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Safari Not Blocking Pop Unders

Safari blocks pop ups but not pop unders.
This is like waking up and finding your house covered in billboards or going to a bank that leaves the vault open.
I keep getting pop unders from the local indian casino.
Is there a way to stop this invasion of privacy?

— Bruce Mueller

Comments: 3 Responses to “Safari Not Blocking Pop Unders”

    13 years ago

    It does block pop-unders, but some sites use techniques to get around it -- on Safari and other browsers as well. But it isn't a privacy concern, just an annoyance. You might want to complain to the site if you visit there often. Tell them "no means no."

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    10 years ago

    In Safari Preferences under Security i have ticked the Block Pop Up Windows. I have always wanted to know about this simple title,so i thought. It happened a couple of times when i am on your site. Your Subscribe to your Newsletter comes out from the right hand side,is this a Pop Up Window.
    If it is, why is Safari not blocking it. On nearly all sites this happens. So from this that they must be Pop Under`s,so what you are saying you can`t stop Pop Under`s has well, even if has you said "no means no" If they take no notice of you,and still do it. You can`t do anything about it. Gary

      10 years ago

      A pop up window is a window -- an actual window. Something like my "subscribe to the newsletter" box is a part of the page, not a separate window. It is also not an advertisement, it is a part of the web site like any of the links you see on the left or the top of the page.
      A pop under is also a window. It just appears under the browser window instead of on top of that. Both pop-ups and pop-unders are separate windows, not a part of the web page itself.

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