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I have a Mac ( OS X 10.3.9) that is several years old. For the last month or so any time I try to go on certain websites( such as Facebook), Safari will suddenly quit.I am not exactly computer literate so I am not sure how to fix this,can it be corrected?If so how?

— Dawn

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    11/14/09 @ 9:44 am

    It is impossible to diagnose this sort of thing remotely. You can try some things: clear your cookies, your history, etc. Try another browser like Firefox as I bet the version of Safari that you are using is very old. You an always upgrade to Leopard or Snow Leopard to get a new version of Safari — I can’t remember what version will still work with Jaguar (OS X 10.3). You can also try re-installing your system if you think it just might be messed up by years of use.
    If you can, take it into an Apple store and see what they say. Or have a Mac-savvy friend come over and take a look.

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