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Gary, I used to make titles for my home movies in AppleWorks drawing program.
I would import a small picture or some artwork and manipulate text on it. Then save it as a .jpeg and use it in my movies. I can’t use AppleWorks anymore, but I have Pages. Only in Pages I can’t save it as a .jpeg. I have to take a screenshot of it. Isn’t there a better way with Pages? I don’t have a other program, where I can work with text and artwork.
I have an iMac with Lion.

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    4/26/12 @ 7:29 am

    You can’t export as an image file from Pages, it just isn’t meant to be used that way. But you can export as PDF, take that PDF into Preview, and then export as a JPG. In fact, you can print from Pages, press PDF->PDF to Preview and then export as a JPG from Preview to save a step and a file.
    Or, just use an image editing program instead of Pages. Lots of great ones in the Mac App store that are pretty cheap, like Pixelmator ( You can even get some free ones like Seashore (

    4/26/12 @ 8:03 am

    What a guy! Thanks Gary. I tried it and it works! Just what I wanted to know!
    I tell all my friends about you …
    You might get very busy, but then, not all of them are as ignorant as I am :-)

    Thanks again Gary.

    Paddy zoller
    4/28/12 @ 4:29 pm

    Gary you are so great for the Apple. Community. Three years ago I had the same question and searched for the answer in depth. I’ve learned so much since then but if I had known about you then, life would have been easier.

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