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Saving a Computer-to-Computer network

Hi Gary, many thanks for your podcasts; i move to mac a couple of years back and I have been able to use it better since I follow your podcasts. One thing that is bother me lately is the Computer-to-Computer network. I use it to sync Things on my iPhone and my MacBook Pro (I don’t have wireless options to do it, or at least not everywhere), and I haven’t find a way to keep the network I have created on the available networks to connect to. If I haven’t shutdown my mac, then at least the title is there when I try to set it up again, but not the password / I have to created every time. Any suggestion?

— Luis G

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    9 years ago

    Thanks. Sorry, no suggestion here. I’ve never used a computer-to-computer network for a regular task like that, so I never noticed that it doesn’t save the settings. Does the network locations do anything for you? Maybe setting up a “location” with those settings, and then switching away from those settings to your normal ones, might keep the network in the list. Probably not, but it is my only thought.

      Luis G
      9 years ago

      Thanks anyway . . . as you expected did not worked.

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