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Saving Custom PowerPoint Themes

Any idea on how to save a custom theme in PowerPt for Mac so it can be applied to other presentations? This is fairly simple in PowerPt for Windows, but I can’t find the option for the Mac version.
David Marquette

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    9 years ago

    I don’t use PowerPoint, but someone on Twitter suggested this video:

    9 years ago

    Sorry to bother – a bit more searching and I found what I needed. FYI to others – use View | Formatting Pallette | Save Theme command sequence.

    Love the MacMost!

    Peter Wellings
    9 years ago

    The video (for PowerPoint for the Mac 2011) seems broadly applicable to PowerPoint for the Mac 2008, although the user interface features are not quite so clean in the older version. You need to open the Toolbox (toolbar button) to perform some of the actions described in the video. The directions in the help also seem quite clear (search for ‘Themes’).

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